On top of my tenacious desire to absorb all education involving glass, I possess strong fundamentals from my years as a graphic designer for solid understanding of balance, layout, design

My beginning course at Glasscraft sparked me to explore more medieval and renaissance methods of painting glass. I began to work remotely with David Williams and Stephen Bryne in the UK, taking up study from their published works, then later an intensive week long program at Bryn Athyn College in PA with Williams and Bryne. I travelled where I could to observe painted glass in museums in New York, Phillidelphia and Toronto.

Most of my study with glass painting has been in observing closely the strokes and techniques of medieval windows, specifically from English painters and 900 years of experts in controlling how light passes through glass. I continue to study the history of glass with my work in restoring antique stained glass windows from the UK and Toronto.  I travel regularly to Houston Texas, working closely with a fellow glass painter to improve skill and technique.